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Online sudoku game.

Select level: light hard

Instructions: the goal of sudoku is to form board where in each line, column and box are present all numbers each number exactly one time.
A 4x4 variant (with flowers instead of numbers) is especialy suitable for kids.
There are two modes in "Mathiola sudoku online game": full and simple. To switch between modes press "1" button near upper left conner of the game applet.
In simple mode select one of number/picture buttons at the top of applet and then press an empty cell to set this number/picture on the cell.
In full mode Mathiola sudoku program helps to solve the puzzle and places in each cell of the board possible values in bold. Click with primary (usually left) mouse button on small number to put that value in cell. Click with secondary mouse button to sign/unsign small number.
Buttons on the top of board: undo, redo, show candidates (simple/full mode), do not color, and buttons to color all cells possible for this number. more...

"Mathiola sudoku online game" is based on java technology. If you experience problems, download the latest java software from