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Mathiola Timer Suite
for Mobiles

Mathiola Timer Suite consists of Mathiola Stopwatch, Mathiola Countdown Timer and Mathiola Clock.

New in version 3.0: Sound alert option at Countdown Timer expiration; Clock mode. distributes Timer Suite on the terms of FREEWARE License Agreement.
If you accept the terms of the agreement you can download the following installers of Timer Suite.

Download Mathiola Timer Suite for Nokia touch smartphones (5800XM, X6, N97 mini, N900 etc.) from OVI Store


MathiolaStopWatch for Symbian touch Mathiola StopWatch is a powerful stopwatch program to measure time intervals in lap, split, and combined modes. It offers table of lap times and analogue clock face (option to switch off in menu).
Press Start button (S on keyboard) to start the watch, Lap (L) to set the checkpoint time, Stop(O) to stop the watch.

Countdown Timer

Use "+" and "-" buttons to set desired time interval and press "Start" button to start count down seconds. Combo box stores recently used intervals and alows to select one of them. Mathiola Countdown Timer for Symbian touch


From version 3.0 Timer Suite features Full Screen Clock with options to show date and battery level and to disable ScreenSaver. Mathiola Countdown Timer for Symbian touch